UPDATE:  ECSM Officer Selection Process ongoing

Thank you for your interest in contributing to ECSM. We are currently reviewing the submitted proposals and will let you know soon.


The European Center for Social Media (http://www.socialmediacentre.eu) invites enthusiastic volunteers for the following ECSM Officers positions:

Event Curator

  • Identify existing events of relevance, such as scientific conferences and industrial events, by managing the relevant incoming RSS feed, and update the website accordingly. Manage the ECSM participation in events and the organisation of events on behalf of ECSM.

News Curator

  • Track the latest and greatest developments in the Social Media technologies and marketing world, curating the latest News by managing the incoming RSS feed, and serve them up to the ECSM audience.

Resources Curator

  • Identify social media related resources such as software, APIs and datasets within the results of the participating projects, as well as those publicly available, and update the relevant category on the ECSM website.

Newsletter Editor

  • Draft short, simple, consistent layout for newsletter. Identify media to publish online newsletter and establish circulation to members in cooperation with admin. Solicit short contributions to the newsletter and coordinate information officers. Aim at short newsletters with frequent issues (e.g., monthly).

Community Manager

  • Help solicit, review, select, and post items on the Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ accounts, which the ECSM uses.


If you are interested in any of these positions, please send an e-mail with brief information about you to info@socialmediacentre.eu until 20 December 2014. The selection process will be decided by the ECSM Steering Committee.