European Centre for Social Media: Expression of Interest

If you want to get involved in the ECSM initiative and register your organisation as member, please join by filling in the form and giving us your preference according to the categories described below. There are different opportunities that can be explored depending on your interest, commitment level and resource availability.

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Level Interest Opportunities
A You want to participate in research and innovation projects, events and access relevant resources. Stay informed via the ECSM website and the official European Commission websites for information and call openings.
B You want to contribute in identifying key issues in your sector and are interested in discussing with peers on special occasions. Please provide us with your contact details we will invite you to relevant workshops and keep you up to date e.g. regarding sector roadmaps.
C You want to stay involved and contribute continuously, review outcomes from the ECSM on a regular basis and take part in discussions. You can consider to become an associated member of the ECSM.