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Joined on 2016-05-11

The ultimate objective of the Sense4us project is to take recent advances in policy modelling and simulation, data analytics and social network discussion dynamics. Sense4us will further develop them into integrated tools which will make public service and policy provision…
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Joined on 2014-09-10

USEMP aims at developing a framework that will empower users by enhancing their control over the data they distribute or interact with. The framework will reduce the existing asymmetry between data processing and control means available to OSNs and those…
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Joined on 2014-08-06

NUBOMEDIA is the first cloud platform specifically designed for hosting interactive multimedia services. NUBOMEDIA exposes to developers PaaS APIs for creating media pipelines: chains of elements providing media capabilities such as encryption, transcoding, augmented reality or video content analysis. These…
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Joined on 2014-07-21

SAM will develop an advanced social media delivery platform, which is based on two concepts – 2nd Screen and Content Syndication. SAM provides open, standardised ways of characterising, discovering and syndicating media content items interactively. Users will be able to…
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Joined on 2014-07-14

ACTION-TV proposes an innovative mode of user interaction for broadcasting to relax the rigid and passive nature of present broadcasting ecosystems. It has two key aims: a)  a group of users can take part in TV shows providing a sense…
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Joined on 2014-03-09

The overall goals of the SENSEI project are twofold. First, SENSEI will develop summarization/analytics technology to help users make sense of human conversation streams from diverse media channels. Second, SENSEI will design and evaluate its summarization technology in real-world environments,…
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Joined on 2014-03-04

Funded in the European 7th Framework Program, this project develops novel methods to assess intervention strategies and analyze knowledge co-creation processes. It analyzes user-generated content to support social innovation and continuously refine a context-specific repository of carbon reduction strategies.

Media Watch on Climate Change

Joined on 2014-03-04

The Media Watch on Climate Change (MWCC) is a publicly available Web intelligence portal that aggregated digital content in the environmental and climate change domains. The list of sources comprises news media, social media including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, environmental…
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Joined on 2014-02-24

Funded through the European CHIST-ERA program, the uComp project aims to merge collective human intelligence and automated knowledge extraction methods. It integrates games with a purpose and crowdsourcing marketplaces and applies these concepts to the domain of climate change.


Joined on 2014-02-14

The London Eye was on fire during the 2011 England riots! Or was it? Social networks are rife with lies and deception, half-truths and facts. But irrespective of a meme’s truthfulness, the rapid spread of such information through social networks…
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Joined on 2014-02-11

MULTISENSOR is an EU funded research project, which aims at advancing the research and development of multilingual media analysis technologies. The goal is to enable users (e.g. journalists, entrepreneurs) to attain a comprehensive and exact understanding of topics they are…
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Joined on 2014-01-15

REVEAL aims to advance the necessary technologies for making a higher level analysis of Social Media possible. REVEAL focuses on verification technologies, tools and strategies. It aims to develop tools, components and strategies that aid journalists and enterprise community managers…
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Joined on 2014-01-15

SocialSensor will develop a new framework for enabling real-time multimedia indexing and search in the Social Web. The project will move beyond conventional text-based indexing and retrieval models by mining and aggregating user inputs and content over multiple social networking…
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