KPMG Advisory S.p.A. (Italy) is supporting the European Commission – DIGIT Unit B.4 in carrying out a study under the ISA2 Programme Action 2016.04 “Participatory knowledge for supporting decision making” on the use of Social Media Analysis as a data source to support decision-making among the EU Public Administrations (PAs).

The study aims at collecting best practices across EU Member States’ PAs on e-Participation initiatives and in particular on the use of tools and technologies for Social Media Analysis supporting policy and decisions making. The objective is to identify good practices and guidelines for the consolidation and the integration of open and reusable solutions on Social Media Analysis for PAs.

The EC and KPMG seek the contribution of the European Centre for Social Media Community in signaling relevant initiatives in which PAs make use of and analyses data generated by already active Social Media platforms.

A contribution to the EC – KPMG study would be extremely helpful. Interested parties can do so by providing the details of the project/initiative to ECSM who will act as a liaison to the KPMG team.

For more information or queries, please contact Marco Fichera ( or Ambra Antignani (